Why Choose Us

What differentiate us from other player in the market

  • Well established relationship with ship owners due to our presence in the shipping industry.
  • Easier and faster for us to market our services to the appropriate personnel giving us the opportunity to close deals as dealing directly with the end client.
  • AMV has presence in 6 countries with highly skilled in-house professional staff and teams, who are second to none, working 24/7.
  • As a testament to the flawless and pristine reputation that AMV holds, it has very long standings and strong relations with buyers, sellers, brokers worldwide.
  • Our financial, documentary, technical and operational strengths match our competitors and we are able to quickly close on deals on simple basis and we are able to pay large deposits directly into seller’s accounts. We have excellent relationships with end buyers thereby reducing the time gap in the waiting of vessels at anchorage and we encourage speedy beaching of vessels.

Our Financial Strength

  • Global network with banks created to ensure prompt payments.
  • Ability to close PROMPTLY on mortgaged vessels on SIMPLE terms and avoid unvaried documentary requirements.
  • Pay fully for the vessels without being dependent on end-buyers Letter of Credit or funds
  • Pay large deposits directly into sellers account.
  • AMV has a well-qualified and experienced financial team that caters to the needs of buyers and sellers in all financial matters.

Enviromental Freindly Green Recycling

  • We understand that ship recycling carries a great responsibility of protecting environment as well as people who work to dismantle the ship.
  • As a Cash Buyer, we have been continuously encouraging and guiding the demolition yards to improve recycling standards to meet the most stringent requirements of green recycling for major ship owners.
  • We are well placed in experience and resources to offer green ship recycling through our expertise and knowledge in this industry.