About Aethon Marine Ventures

Aethon Marine Ventures is a reputed Cash Buyer in Ship Recycling Industry and is primarily engaged in cash buying of vessels for demolition on both "Delivered" And "as is where is" basis.

AMV Provides an important economic and distribution function to the owners globally towards the end of the vessels life.

The AMV has many strengths and has considerable depth to its operation. AMV have a vast array of knowledge within its team from the commercial, operational and technical aspects of the business. The ship recycling industry is actively supported by a large number of specialist ship brokers. AMV has excellent loyal working relationships with the majority of the brokers worldwide.

AMV buys ships primarily for dismantling by the promoter groups and for some selected ship breaking units on back to back basis. While this somewhat restricts AMV’s buying, it continues to guarantee smooth closures of all deals negotiated by AMV. Herein lies the difference between AMV and other eminent Cash Buyers. AMV buys a lot for home consumption and close associates and therefore has a hundred percent smooth delivery.

Business functions performed by AMV includes sale and purchases, market research, evaluation (forecasting future prices, demand/supply factors). AMV is now working with recycling facilities in addition to various ship recycling experts in the market who are capable and willing to put the intended standards into action, as per the Ship-Recycling Plan that is uniquely created for each vessel. AMV has significant sector experience and staff who are familiar with both the needs of the Cash Buyer, the Ship Owner and the corporate environment.

Understanding environmental concerns is a challenge faced by every ship owner – no more so than at the end of a vessels life. AMV monitors the ever-changing regulatory environment and is able to ensure that clients are in a position to understand and meet their obligations. This combinations of skills, experience and contacts enables AMV to make good on their promise to deliver outstanding client service on every deal.

With a renewed resolution and a continued commitment to outstanding service AMV is looking confidently towards the future.