Cash Buyer of Demolition Vessel

Cash Buyer Of Demolition Vessel

AETHON MARINE VENTURES LIMITED is set up with an aim of entering the business of cash buying of demolition vessel.

The average life of a vessel is approximately 20-30 years from build until it will be considered for recycling. We understand for many ship-owners the sale of a ship for recycling brings with it considerable commercial risk. Cash Buyers take away that risk and provide cushion for ship owners.

A "Cash Buyer" as the name suggests, is an entity that purchases a vessel for "Cash" from the owners and delivers it to a ship recycling yard (Ship Recyclers). Cash Buyers are not brokers. Cash Buyers are principals or they can also be traders.

We as Cash buyers can take the delivery of vessel from ship owners on following terms:

1- As is where is:
  • For vessels purchased basis “as is”, the cash buyer takes over the vessel at the delivery port and then boards his own crew to sail the vessel.
  • In the meantime, the vessel is re-flagged, given a new name and is given a fresh set of insurance cover for the voyage to the yards which is all handled in house for smooth transition..
  • The risk, responsibility and the cost of delivering the vessel to the recycling yard is borne by the Cash Buyer.
2- Delivered basis
  • The cash buyer agrees to purchase the vessel from a ship owner subject to the ship owner delivering the vessel to the recycling yards within a certain time and subject to certain conditions.
  • The risk, responsibility and the cost of delivering the vessel to the recycling yard is borne by the ship owner.

We assure timely remittances and swift delivery of vessels with minimum expenses & liability to all stakeholders.We primarily focus on providing sellers with support in every step of transaction to ensure best of quality and client satisfaction.

Our main objective is to offer added value to our clients around the globe and give them a positive and beneficial experience by means of professional expertise, client-oriented initiatives with dedicated and consistent service.